11. When is registration starting for 2019-2020 FLL city shaper/ Jr. FLL Boomtown build season?
The registration starts on 1st September 2019.
22. When is the last date for registration?
The registration closes on 1st November 2019.
33. Which is the website for registration for UAE?
44. From where can I buy a FLL City shaper game set?
55. From where can I buy a FLL Junior Boom Town build Inspire set?
66. What is the cost for registering a FLL team?
Ans. 700 AED
77. What is the cost for registering a FLL junior team?
Ans. 500 AED
88. What is the cost of the FLL game set?
Ans. 610 AED
99. What is the cost of the FLL junior inspire set?
Ans. The inspire set comes with the Team registration kit at no extra cost.
1010. What is the age group for FLL, Jr. FLL and FTC?
The age group for Jr. FLL Boom Town Builder – Age 6-10 FLL city shaper – Age 9-16 FTC Skystone – Age 12-18
1111. How can I register my kid for FLL?
Ans. Go to www.flluae.org website and follow the instructions.
1212. Can I register 2 teams with same E-mail ID?
1313. What all resource I need to participate in FLL?
Ans. FLL team needs to have one Challenge set, LEGO Mindstorms ev3 education set and expansion set (optional).
1414. What all resource I need to participate in FLL Junior?
Ans. Inspire set, wedo 2.0 and Engineering notebook.
1515. Can I register one FLL and one Junior FLL team with same ID?
Ans. Yes, both FLL and Jr. FLL bundle can be bought with the same ID
1616. Do I need to buy two game set for two different FLL teams?
Ans. No, one registration bundle and challenge set for one team and one registration bundle for one team.
1717. My mat is smaller than the table, should I change the table or should I need to change the mat?
Ans. The Game mat is smaller for a specific reason, please refer to the FLL challenge guide. https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/fll/challenge-and-resources
1818. What is the team size for FLL and FLL Junior?
Ans. For FLL the team size is minimum 2 students and maximum 10 students and for FLL Junior the team size is minimum 2 students and maximum 6 students.
1919. When will be the competition held and where?
Ans. The regional competition will be held in Dubai in January, the finals will be held in Abu Dhabi in Feb, further information will be updated in the website
2020. Will there be any orientation for FLL?
Ans. Yes, please check the orientation calendar for FREE orientation in the website after 1st september.
2121. Can there be any training for FLL?
Ans. Yes, Robot design workshop – 1 day for coach(2nos) for 4 hours at 1000 AED FLL boot camp – 2 days for coach(2nos) and 10 team members for 10 hours at 2750 AED.
2222. What will be the progression criteria from the regionals to the world finals?
Ans. 30 percent of team Advances to the UAE finals held in Abu Dhabi and top teams to different world finals, further details will be updated in the website.
2323. Can I just buy the FLL challenge set?
Ans. No, you need to buy FLL city shaper challenge set and registration of the team from the website
2424. Can I just buy the Jr. FLL inspire set?
Ans. No, you need to register your team and the inspire set comes part of the registration.
2525. Can I register a team without team members name?
Ans. Yes, you can register a team with just a team name, coach name and email ID.
2626. Can we change the team name after registration?
Ans. No, you can’t change your team once it is registered.

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